28 May 2017
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CCTV Operators Induction Course (Level 1)


Unit 1 Administrative Information

Unit 2 Introduction to the local CCTV System

Unit 3 Introduction to the CCTV Control Room

Unit 4 Introduction to the CCTV Equipment

Unit 5 Other Control Room Equipment

Unit 6 Legislation, Courts and Record Keeping

Unit 7 Dealing with Incidents

Notes on training

1. Syllabus to be tailored for local CCTV control room needs. This package has been
written for a system operating on a paper and analogue recording system and
would need to be modified for computer and digital systems

2. Training to be delivered within first two weeks of employment.

3. Induction training does not form part of the qualification level training packages but is an essential element of an operators training within their parent organisation.

4. Training to be delivered by CCTV manager or competent CCTV staff. Additional assistance to be obtained from Human Resources, Financial Staff, Health and Safety staff and others as required.

  • The rest of the .doc document is available here

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