28 May 2017
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Please Note. The following are members of the CCTV User Group and have therefore indicated they share the same aims and objectives as the User Group. However the CCTV User Group does not have either the means or specific expertise to judge the adequacy and suitability of the training offered and therefore make no recommendations. We advise all persons seeking training to contact the companies directly and assure themselves of the adequacy of the training provided.

Effect of SIA proposals for the licencing of CCTV Operators and their training requirements

In view of the imminent licencing of contracted Public Space Surveillance CCTV operators we strongly advise all persons considering training to ensure that it will meet the SIA requirements for licences. At present although in-house staff are exempt from licencing (unless they are monitoring another organisation's cameras under a contract, in which case the SIA considers them contractors) it is probable it will be introduced in the future, and only formal qualifications by approved awarding bodies will be recognised as accredited prior learning.

The SIA requirements for training also recognise the current best practice in respect of the core competencies required by Public Space Surveillance CCTV Operators

For more details of the training and licensing arrangements please visit www.the-sia.org.uk or see below an extract from the SIA website.

The SIA does not run training courses or give qualifications or provide funding. We have endorsed 'awarding bodies' to offer qualifications and approved trainers for us. There are three awarding bodies that offer the new CCTV operators qualification.

Awarding body offering the Certificate in CCTV Operation (Public Space Surveillance):

  • ASET (0845 45 89 500)

Awarding body offering the Level 2 BTEC Award in CCTV Operations (Public Space Surveillance):

  • Edexcel (0870 240 9800)

Awarding body offering the Level 2 Award in CCTV Operations (Public Space Surveillance):

  • NOCN (01332 268080)

The following awarding body has been endorsed by the SIA to offer the new CCTV operators qualification and is awaiting approval from the qualification regulation authorities:

  • City & Guilds (020 7294 2800)

Companies and individuals who wish to enquire about the new qualification should contact these awarding bodies for details. Please note that the SIA does not develop or deliver training directly.

If you already have some form of qualification in CCTV operation it may mean that you are exempt from all or part of the SIA approved training.

We are aware the following member training companies are actively in the progress of submitting course proposals to the awarding bodies, but may not be aware of others who also have submitted proposals





Accrington & Rossendale College

Broadland Security Training

Provide training with NOCN accreditation based on NVQ Level 2 qualification awards

CCTV Training.Com

Provide training in CCTV Operation with Accreditation by Aset

Data Compliance

Provide Consultancy in Data Protection issues and CCTV Operator training with City and Guilds Accreditation

DataCom Interactive Ltd

Provide training in Data Protection issues and CCTV Operator training with Aset, City and Guilds and when available the NOCN Accreditation

Goodwill Associates

Provide a variety of training courses accredited by City and Guilds, NOCN and Edexel including CCTV Operator Training

Optimum Security Services Ltd - (Now incorporating Itell Associates)

Provide CCTV training to BTEC standards through Edexcel accreditation

Pointer Ltd

Training & development from Security Systems Operation & Installation to Management and Health & Safety

Redvers Hocken Associates


Providing CCTV Public Space Surveillance Operator, and Managers training (Accreditation by ASET)

Tavcom Training Ltd

Provide all CCTV training to BTEC standards through Edexcel Accreditation

Other Member Companies who provide Operator Training but we have not heard of any application are

David Williamson Training and Consultancy

Threefold Project Management

* Companies - Please note and keep us in touch and up to date with your proposals

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