28 May 2017
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National Sign for Use with CCTV Installations

Please press the Link below to download your copy of the National Sign for use with CCTV installations.

During the initial meetings the sign the User Group approached the PSDB, Data Protection Commissioner, the Department of Transport (Advertising Division) and the Home Office for review of our proposal. The original design was drafted by the Standards Committee, based on drawings sent in by over 100 individuals.

The language of the sign was a critical point, as we discussed the potential liability of a Scheme Owner if the wording in any way gave the impression that you were being protected by CCTV. Finally, the words, "CCTV In Operation" were the favoured choice and one that depicted that the cameras were operating, but did not define the period they were in operation.

In order to keep with Data Protection principles the sign must establish who the scheme owner is, and give a contact number for the public to phone if they had any concerns.

After many letters back and forth with the DETR, it was decided that our sign was categorised as an Advertising Sign and as such was not a Road Sign. On the basis that orange was used rather than red they could for see no objections to the wider use of the sign as it did not conflict with any other critical signs.

It is suggested that the sign template (after tailoring to your own authority / organisation) is given to a local printing company.

Most are then printed on plastic self adhesive backing and affixed to aluminium backing plates which can then be fixed by ‘Bandit Clips’ to street furniture. Alternatively it is possible to print them at a smaller size, but again on plastic so they can be given to shops to display in their windows of stuck directly on street furniture.

  • Save or print Sign in Powerpoint Format - click here.


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