28 May 2017
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Information Commissioners Review of CCTV Code of Practice (Jan 08)


The CCTV User Group has welcomed the publication by the Information Commissioner’s Office of the ‘CCTV Data Protection Code of Practice’. The CCTV Code of Practice, as it is commonly known, is used by the operators of CCTV systems to help ensure their use of video surveillance technology complies with the Data Protection Act 1998 and follows standards of good practice.

The Group, which represents hundreds of public surveillance operators and managers across the UK, has been actively involved in the review process since 2005 when the ICO recognised the need to update the existing CCTV Code of Practice.

Peter Fry, Director of the CCTV User Group commented: “The ICO publication is long awaited good news. The number of CCTV systems in the UK – and the extent of their use – has increased considerably since the first CCTV Code of Practice was published. We are pleased this latest update to the Code reflects that and offers appropriate guidance to all end-users to ensure they comply with this important piece of legislation.”

He added: “Initial reading provides a positive reinforcement of previous guidance to properly assess the need for CCTV and correct deployment to ensure systems are fit for purpose as well as linking it with the revised Home Office guidance for CCTV Operational Requirements.

“Our members have to consider many compliance requirements imposed by a range of legislation and enforcement by statutory bodies. We welcome any efforts to ensure high standards and ‘legally operated’ CCTV. We will be encouraging the ICO to improve their proactive approach to CCTV compliance with data protection principles and the revised code, and we will support any effort to extend the powers of the Information Commissioner.”


  • Download a copy of the final ICO Code of Practice here (PDF document - opens in a new window)
  • Download a copy of the previous ICO consultation document here. (PDF document - opens in new window)
  • Download a copy of the CCTV User Group's response here. (Microsoft Word document - opens in new window)


The Information Commissioner is currently reviewing the CCTV Code of Practice. For information on current advice, visit their website.

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