28 May 2017
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Home Office National Strategy for CCTV (2008)

National CCTV StrategyThe CCTV User Group has welcomed the publication by the Home Office of the ‘National CCTV Strategy’. 

CCTV has evolved hugely since the early nineties and now plays a fundamental role in crime reduction, public safety and an increasingly significant part in investigations. Having a coordinated approach, system compatibility and a clear direction to match the investment has been awaited since 1999 when the government encouraged growth through the Crime Reduction Programme CCTV Initiative.

Whilst developments in technology have outpaced some of the capabilities within the police and justice system, the new National CCTV strategy aspires to meet the challenges so the benefits and full potential of CCTV can be maximised.

The Group, which represents hundreds of public surveillance operators and managers across the UK, has been aware of much of the detail now contained within the strategy since April and is encouraged by the work of the project team in addressing a national approach to issues like police use of CCTV, operating standards, inspection and enforcement, training, technological and managerial issues.

A copy of the report can be downloaded here.

A full copy of the formal CCTV User Group response can be downloaded Here

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