28 May 2017
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The Number of Public Area CCTV Cameras

Exploding the Public Area CCTV Myths

The Number of Public Area CCTV Cameras in the UK

Is it 4,285,000 frequently quoted by the press (or rounded to 4.2)? But do you know how was this statistic calculated back in 2003? Does it have any validity or is it just a 'Myth'?

Click here to see how the figure was calculated in the Norris/McCahill submission to the EU funded 'Urban Eye' research project to determine the number of Public Area Cameras in Europe. It has been often quoted by the media as a fact of life, but does the assessment method make it totally incorrect?

Or is it between 1,500,000 and 2,000,000 Public Area CCTV Cameras as two more authorative and highly detailed recent surveys have shown?

Click here to see the details of the CCTV User Group Survey carried out in 2008/09 of actual numbers of Public Area CCTV Cameras operated by its members.

Or click here for the very thorough and detailed analysis carried out by Deputy Chief Constable of Cheshire, Graeme Gerrard of the number of Public Area CCTV Cameras in Cheshire, extrapolated on an entirely logical basis for the UK.

Click here to have a look at the tabulated comparison of these thre surveys and make your own mind up which is 'Fact' and which is 'Myth'.

Have we 'Exploded this Myth?'

Any feedback would be appreciated - use the contact us email button.

• (142) By Peter Fry, 17 Aug 2011, 08:55

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