28 May 2017
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Whilst we hope you have found these visitor pages informative and interesting, these represent a fraction of the information freely available to Members of the CCTV User Group on this site.

To give you an idea of the benefits you and your organisation could achieve through Membership have a glance at the page headings and files available


  • Past Papers presented at Bolton, Grantham, Bournemouth, Coventry, Bristol & Liverpool

  • Future Events and booking forms (Reduced Rates for Members)

  • Conference Suggestions

Discussion Forums

  • Yahoo Groups forum - join 200+ other CCTV Managers in discussing any problem or aspect to do with the management and Operation of CCTV

  • Website Forum

  • New Issues about CCTV

Web Links

  • To Government Departments

  • To Regional CCTV User Groups - Is there one in your area, to give you the local flavour?

  • To the media covering the CCTV Industry

  • To other CCTV organisations and groups

  • To Service Providers

  • Training Companies, Consultants, Transmission Companies, Operator providers, Software Suppliers, CCTV Equipment suppliers and Installers, Digital Recording equipment

The Assessment and Accreditation of CCTV Schemes


  • Expert papers on: Human Rights Act, Data Protection Act, Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act, and from the Crown Prosecution Service

Members Papers and Documents

  • Service Level Agreements

  • Staffing Issues - Selection and Appointment - Job Descriptions - Person Specifications

  • Training Issues

  • RIPA Authorisation Forms

  • How to go about evaluating your system

  • Public Perception Surveys

  • Maintenance of equipment

Best Value Considerations

  • Draft Performance Indicators

  • Work of the working Party

User Group Model Documents

  • A Model Code of Practice (Free of Charge)

  • A Model Procedural Manual - with all forms and logs (Free of charge)

  • Model Subject Access Leaflet and application Forms

  • National CCTV Sign

  • How to set up an Independent Inspection scheme

  • Model Maintenance Contract

  • Model Protocols for Mobile/re-deployable systems

The Minutes and activities of the Standards Committee and their working groups

User Group Constitution and Protocols

So - if this whets your appetite and you wish to join our growing band

Then just click on this link.

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